Research and Reflection in Christian Global Health Policy and Practice



A peer-reviewed, scholarly and multidisciplinary journal on global health policy and practice, promoting evidence-based and thoughtful analysis on effective and innovative approaches to global health from an integrated Christian perspective.


  1. Articulation and dissemination of evidence-based best practices among health-related institutions and Christian faith-based organizations (FBOs) leading to better health outcomes for the world’s underserved populations.
  2. Improved understanding of intercultural work undertaken by the Christian health mission sector in the context of health care and promotion for greater impact.
  3. Increased world-wide exposure to the innovations, experiences and perspectives of faith-based global health workers, advancing their professional development.
  4. Enhanced measurement and evaluation of outcomes for programs and initiatives to maximize stewardship and improve results in resource-constrained regions.
  5. Deepened understanding and action of the global Church in its role in health and healing.
  6. Integrated disciplines of public health, community development, biomedicine and theology in order to strengthen a wholistic multi-ethnic response to global health issues.

Focus and Scope

The Journal publishes evidence-based research and Christian reflection addressing the biological, social, environmental, psychological and spiritual determinants of health in a global context.  The broad scope of the journal facilitates actionable learning and capacity building in development contexts within a scholarly framework.  Topics include:

  • Community and Public Health (Health Promotion/Prevention, Nutrition and Food Security, Environmental Health, Maternal and Child Health, Community Development)
  • Health Care Services (Primary Health Care, Surgical Service, Disaster and Emergency, Rehabilitative services, Mental Health, Palliative Care)
  • Organization (Administration and Finance, Policy and Advocacy, Workforce)
  • Mission and Health (Theology, Outreach, Transformational Development)
  • Conditions of Special Interest (HIV/AIDS, Non-Communicable Disease, Neglected Tropical Diseases)

Types of Articles Published

  • Original Research
  • Commentaries
  • Review Articles
  • Editorials
  • Case studies
  • Case Reports
  • Study Design Articles
  • Short Communications/Field Reports
  • Current Debates
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Training Materials and Tools
  • Book Reviews
  • Journal Article Reviews
  • Conference Summaries
  • Poetry
  • Art