May we know

Oyebode Dosunmu a

a MSc, Pharmacist, Bowden University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomosho, Nigeria

Oh Lord, may you cause to know!
To know the extent of your love for us
To know the greatness of your plans for us
To know the awesomeness of your deeds in us
To know the supremacy of your being in us

Oh Lord, may you cause to have!
To have the patience for your promise for us
To have the sweetness of your fellowship with us
To have the awareness of your treasures in us
To have the understanding of your faithfulness in us

Oh Lord, may you cause us to hope!
To hope for the manifestation of your glory through us
To hope for the revealing of your promise to us
To hope for the greatness of you through us
To hope for the coming of you for us

Oh Lord, may you cause us to see!
To see the manifold of your goodness in us
To see the fulfillment of your words to us
To see the good things you plan for us
To see the actualization of your greatness in us

Oh Lord, may we know, have, hope, and see!
For in knowing we’ll be transformed
For in having we’ll be grateful
For in hoping we’ll not be disappointed
For in seeing we’ll be enlightened.

Peer Reviewed: Submitted 5 July 2022, accepted 15 Aug 2022, published 20 Dec 2022

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Correspondence: Oyebode Dosunmu, Bowen University, Nigeria pharmaseyist@gmail.com

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