Waiting for you

Fotarisman Zaluchua

a MPH, PhD, Lecturer, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

O my children, what is my fault?

I gave you the earth
I gave you the sky
I gave you the sea
I gave you the soil

You mar the earth
You taint the sky
You stain the sea
You bleed the soil

I gave you beautiful creatures that grace the sky
I gave you amazing creatures that swarm the sea
I gave you wonderful creatures that roam the earth

You put birds in cages to feast your eyes on
You hoard fish to sate your own gluttony
You hunt beasts to feed on their blood

My dear children
Can’t you realize how precious you are
I created you in my own image and likeness

My dear, o my dear children
My heart bleeds beyond measure
When will you repent and come back to me?

(Reflection on Genesis 1 and Luke 15: 11–32)

Peer Reviewed: Submited 22 May 2023, revised 14 July 2023, accepted 17 July 2023, published October 2023

Competing Interests: None declared.

Correspondence: Fotarisman Zaluchu, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. fotarisman.zaluchu@usu.ac.id

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