The intersection of home care and HIV with health and faith


  • Ian Campbell Affirm Facilitation Associates



HIV, faith, relational health, home care, behaviour change, Zambia


This paper describes significant events in the 1980s in Zambia which involved communities and health institutions in change that is still felt today. The Churches Health Association of Zambia leadership wanted this history to be retold by a leader from the past, and remembered as a vision and values framework that is still relevant. It is experienced as indigenous, describing strengths that are not brought from outside with funding of any kind.

The story still influences an awakening of strength in places far removed from Africa. A recent example is shared from China, where community health and church workers have an intense interest in the development of local initiative in response to HIV.


Author Biography

Ian Campbell, Affirm Facilitation Associates

International Health and Travel Health Physician; Freelance facilitator; Coordinator, Affirm Facilitation Associates.


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