Humanity 2.0 – A Healthy Environment for Pregnancy, Business Ethics and The Media

  • Mike Soderling Center for Health in Mission
Keywords: pregnancy, maternal health, business ethics, media, conscious capitalism


A very eclectic group of individuals representing a very diverse cross-section of organizations met at the Vatican to participate in the launch of the Vatican's new Humanity 2.0 initiative. The forum consisted of a series of panel discussions focused on various themes. The overall focal point of this new initiative of the Vatican is to help mother's worldwide have healthier pregancies. A series of labs will take place, led by Square Roots, with the first taking place in Rome. 

Author Biography

Mike Soderling, Center for Health in Mission

Director, Center for Health in Mission

Associate Editor, CJGH

Adjunct Associate Professor, HIU (teach class on Health and Development) 

CGO Transformational Health a Guatemala Community Health and Development organization

CGO Partnership in Women's Ministry, a Guatemala shelter for abused women