Living the Gospel Through the Feet of a Refugee

Sharing Abraham’s Hope in Kindness and Humility

  • Dale Roemer Agner Clarkson Family Medicine Residency-Nebraska Medicine
Keywords: Refugees, Syria, Abraham, Sojourn, Translator, Gospel, Turkey, Iraq


His feet had obvious sores, and his clothes had not been washed for many days or weeks.  The shoes he had were threadbare canvas, thin soled, and carried a thick smell of poverty…While bandaging the feet, the physician asked about how the wounds had happened.  The translator passed on to the physician that the traveler did not know for sure, as he had often been barefoot and often times could not feel his feet.

An additional act of kindness and humility shown to this traveler (refugee) opened the door to share the hope of Abraham, to a fellow child of Abraham. 

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Dale Roemer Agner, Clarkson Family Medicine Residency-Nebraska Medicine

Fafmily Medicine Faculty. 

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