Preparing Christian Health Workers for International Work: Evaluating a Short Global Health Course




global health education, preparatory short courses, international health and development, cross-cultural healthcare


Improving global health education to ensure health professionals are prepared and competent in the world’s increasingly interconnected health-scape is a vital need.  For many health professionals, global health education is facilitated through short, pre-departure courses in cross-cultural health and development work.  There is currently limited literature on both the availability and the effectiveness of such courses.  Our research aim was to explore the impact of a short course in global health education, designed and delivered by an Australian not-for-profit organisation, Intermed SA (Intermed).  We conducted a short online survey of Intermed graduates, followed by semi-structured interviews with selected participants.  The results indicate that Intermed’s International Health and Development course was effective in achieving the course objectives as assessed by graduates, whilst also having a positive practical impact on the graduates’ professional development.

Author Biographies

Sneha Kirubakaran, Intermed SA

BComp, BAppSc (Hons), BMBS, GradDip (ClinEd), FRACGP, Chair, Intermed SA

Doug Shaw, Intermed SA

MBBS, MA, MTh, FRACGP, FAFPHM, Course Coordinator, Intermed SA

Lawrie McArthur, Intermed SA

MBBS, DRACOG, FRACGP, FACRRM, PhD, Associate Professor, Immediate Past Chair, Intermed SA

Angus Miller, Intermed SA

BHsc, MD, Researcher, Intermed SA

Anthony Radford, Intermed SA

SM, FRCP (Edin), FFCM, FRACP, FRACGP, FAFPHM, DTM&H, Emeritus Professor, Founder, Intermed SA


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