The Time to Begin Plans for COVID-19 Eradication is Now




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After the world recovers from the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2, it is most likely to stabilise as endemic and seasonal, deserving/demanding control efforts perpetually in all countries, unless it can be eradicated.  The risk of mortality is high among those above 65 years and those with chronic “lifestyle” diseases.  Endemic circulation will, therefore, take a heavy toll on life annually.  Eradication is an extreme form of control, eliminating the disease permanently and globally.  Effective vaccines are expected in the near future.  As the pandemic abates, herd immunity will be very high, enabling early eradication by additional build-up of a vaccine-induced herd immunity.  Public memory of the pandemic will be fresh, which will assist in social mobilisation and fund raising towards eradication.  If time is lost, the infection is likely to become non-eradicable as domestic/farmed animals may become fresh reservoirs.  Resolve to eradicate and designing its road-map must be made at the earliest.

Author Biographies

Dr T. Jacob John, Christian Medical College, Vellore

FRCP (Pediatrics) , PhD (Virology), Former Professor & Head of Clinical Virology


Danaya Dharmapalan, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai

MBBS, MD, Consultant, Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, India


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