I Will Never See a Full Moon the Same


  • Estelle Viaud-Murat Wright State Boonshoft School of Medicine




Poetry, Medical Student, Grief, Gospel, Medical Mission, Hope


I will never see a full moon the same

Since the night I stepped out

In the dark, looked up to the moon and

Heard the cries of a mother who just lost her son.


The African moon, so full and so proud, seemed

too bright for such a somber night.

And my empty hands, which this son once held,

Sought to grasp the thought of

A young, lifeless body

Left lying on that hospital bed.


Swaddled by the night’s rich darkness,

Full of chants, cries, and pains,

I am reminded that

Only what’s done for Christ remains.


Tonight, as my gaze meets again this

African moon, from half a world away,

I remember

The cries, the lost, this life,

The strange peace and the hope that

We will meet again.


What an oddly beautiful night it was to die.


So, take courage, dear heart

Don’t fear the night, don’t fear the pain,

Rest in His unchanging grace.



and be the hands

of the only Son who saves.


Author Biography

Estelle Viaud-Murat, Wright State Boonshoft School of Medicine

MD(c), Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Dayton, OH, USA.




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Viaud-Murat, E. (2021). I Will Never See a Full Moon the Same. Christian Journal for Global Health, 8(2), 45–46. https://doi.org/10.15566/cjgh.v8i2.581