A call to the Church: Embrace children with disabilities


  • Natalie Ann Flickner Crisis Care Training International a ministry of World Evangelization for Christ




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Children with Disabilities are one of the groups of children most in need globally.  The author uses her personal story of growing up as a child with mild cerebral palsy to express her solidarity and highlight the multiple needs of children with disabilities around the world.  These children should no longer be stigmatized by the world wide church but instead be embraced and ministered to in the name of Jesus.

Author Biography

Natalie Ann Flickner, Crisis Care Training International a ministry of World Evangelization for Christ

Natalie has BA in Intercultural Studies and in Bible from Columbia International University and a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Columbia International University. She is currently writing for Crisis Care Training International. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Kevin, and their Miniature Schnauzer.


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