Fostering international undergraduate medical education


  • James D Smith Oregon Health Science University, Portland, Oregon
  • Dan Poenaru Montreal University Health Center, Montreal
  • J Dwight Phillips FosMayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota



medical school, medical education missions


The severe lack of human resources in the health care field in many countries has resulted in avid interest in global undergraduate medical education. Christian medical missionaries have, thus, a unique opportunity to contribute to transformative, holistic development through the training of future physicians for resource-limited settings. Starting a new medical school is, however, a complex process which requires significant resources and intellectual investment. This paper outlines some of the challenges encountered in faith-based individuals’ engagement in undergraduate medical education, as well as suggesting some practical solutions and recommendations.

Author Biographies

James D Smith, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, Oregon

Professor Emeritus

Dan Poenaru, Montreal University Health Center, Montreal

Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics (adj)

Clinical Director, BethanyKids Africa

J Dwight Phillips, FosMayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Professor of Pediatrics


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Smith, J. D., Poenaru, D., & Phillips, J. D. (2016). Fostering international undergraduate medical education. Christian Journal for Global Health, 3(2), 143–150.

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