Responding to Refugees in Australia: What is the Christian Response?


  • Tim Costello World Vision Australia
  • Nils von Kalm Anglican Overseas Aid



refugees, immigration, Australia, churches


What role should Christians play in dealing with the march of displaced people across the globe? What moral and spiritual obligations do we owe the distant stranger — the refugee? We can learn from the experience of the Hebrew refugees leaving Egypt and the inclusive nature of the early Christian Church. In the Australian context, this article explores the historical and current attitudes towards asylum seekers and calls for a faith-led movement to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are demonised and dehumanised.

Author Biographies

Tim Costello, World Vision Australia

Rev Tim Costello - Chief Advocate for World Vision AUSTRALIA. LLB - Dr of Sacred Theology Australian Catholic University

Nils von Kalm, Anglican Overseas Aid

Grad. Dip. Theol; BLitt (Hons) – Sociology; Cert IV TAE; BBus (Accounting) - Church and Community Engagement, Anglican Overseas Aid


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