One step at a time: The birth of the Christian Medical College, Vellore by Reena George, Roli Press, 2018


  • Gareth David Tuckwell Sanctuary Care



Christian medical college, India, women in medicine


‘One step at a time’ was written to mark the centenary of the founding of one of the foremost medical colleges in India.  Behind so many remarkable institutions there lies a hidden story relating to their founding, their struggles to become established and the challenges faced in growing to maturity in our rapidly changing world.

As we journey through the second millennium with many well-established organisations straining at the leash of tradition and seeking fresh vitality and vision, it is important to look back to their founders and reflect on the lives of those who have been pioneers and teachers in the decades before.  To be radical in moving forward, organisations benefit from drawing from their roots (radix: Latin) and allowing their strategies to be enriched through them.  Hence this amazing book deserves to have a wider readership than just those many thousands who have passed through the Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore.

Author Biography

Gareth David Tuckwell, Sanctuary Care

Director Macmillan Cancer Support 2000-2003, Clinical Director Hospice in the Weald UK 2004-2007, CEO Burrswood Christian Hospital 2007-2012, Chairman Friends of Vellore UK 2009-2013, Chairman Sanctuary Care 2013- current


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