A Biblical Reflection on the Passion of Jesus Christ as it Relates to 20 Years of Treatment Resistant Ministerial Depression

  • Hunter York
Keywords: depression, suffering, identification, faith, hope, Christ, spiritual disciplines


This is a reflective commentary on the article entitled, Understanding Refractory Depression: A Missionary’s Autobiographical Case Report. It is a focus on a spiritual therapy to minimize the debilitating symptoms of long-term refractory depression when other conventional and non-conventional treatments have been ineffective.  Though not suggested as a cure, a focused faith on our identity with Christ and his with us can help us transcend some of the negative impacts refractory depression brings to the life of its sufferers.  This is particularly relevant regarding Christ’s identification with our human sufferings.  It can be categorized as a spiritual discipline where benefits improve as the sufferer becomes more adept at the practice.

Author Biography

Hunter York

The author has been a cross-cultural missionary in SE Asia for 33 years.  He runs a small rural mission and teaches church planting, contextualization and world religions at a local seminary in the country where he works.  He has been actively involved in missionary care and has pioneered research and an initiative to encourage the development of a non-western model for missionary care.  He has been married for 30 years and has four grown daughters who grew up in Philippines.

Because of the autobiographical natrure of the case report, the author is using the psuedonym, Hunter York, to protect privacy and for security in his field of work.  


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