Three Principles to Promote Quality Child Healthcare Globally

Keywords: IMCI, Child Health, MDGs


The MDGs have pointed out the large unfinished agenda of improving child health services. This short communication shows simple ways to expand and improve child health programs by improving prevention, education and early detection. The article presents a simple checklist to start improving the consistency, quality and efficiency of child healthcare delivery.

Author Biography

Elvira G Beracochea, Realizing Global Health, Inc.

Dr. Elvira Beracochea has more than 25 years of experience as a physician and a global health expert. She is the founder and president of  “Realizing Global Health” formerly called MIDEGO, an international global health consulting company that assists donors, governments and global health organizations to develop self-reliant sustainable health systems that deliver quality healthcare to everyone everywhere every day. Elvira has developed the “Health for All NOW” healthcare delivery model, and numerous solutions that improve the delivery of quality health services worldwide.  She is an active advocate for the right to health through her participation in various professional organizations. She is chair of the Community Based Primary Health Care work group of the International Health Section of the American Public Health Association, and co-chair of the International Health and Nutrition Work Group at SIDW.  Elvira’s recent books include: “Health for All NOW: How to transform the delivery of health services in developing countries” and “Rights-Based Approaches to Public Health” (co-editor). Her new book, “Aid Effectiveness in Global Health” will be published by Springer in 2015. Dr. Beracochea received her MD from the University of the Republic of Uruguay and her MPH from Hadassah Hebrew University in Israel. 


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