Why are MedSend Grant Recipients Leaving the Mission Field? An Internal Review


  • James V Ritchie MedSend
  • Patricia Woods MedSend




healthcare missionaries, medical missionaries, longevity, attrition


This field report derives major and minor themes from exit interviews for cross-cultural healthcare workers who are leaving their work earlier than anticipated.  Recommendations are suggested to address this problem of attrition.

Author Biographies

James V Ritchie, MedSend

MD, Longevity Project for MedSend, former medical missionary and emergency physician.

Patricia Woods, MedSend

Patricia is Vice President of Grant Management


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How to Cite

Ritchie, J. V., & Woods, P. (2022). Why are MedSend Grant Recipients Leaving the Mission Field? An Internal Review. Christian Journal for Global Health, 9(1), 117–121. https://doi.org/10.15566/cjgh.v9i1.603



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