Effective Localization: Case Study of a Faith-based Health Partnership in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe





capacity strengthening, localization, faith-based


Faith-based organizations (FBOs) and faith-based service providers play a critical role in public health prevention, promotion, treatment, and community development. Effective capacity strengthening efforts through FBO partnerships can make a vital contribution toward effective localization. This case study details the efforts and results of a writing and publishing workshop provided in partnership with Corus International (IMA World Health) and the Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) in March of 2023. This case study also reports on workshop participants’ perceptions of the partnership's approach to capacity strengthening. Three major and related themes emerged from the workshop’s informal Focus Group Discussion transcription: 1) a safe and nurturing environment, 2) openness and shared decision-making, and 3) organizational humility.

Author Biographies

Dennis, Corus International/IMA World Health

BHMS, MHA, MS Psychological Counseling, Certificates in Leadership: Associate Vice President, Global
Health & Nutrition/Acting Managing Director, Technical Support

Fifi Manuel, Corus International/IMA World Health

MSR, Technical Advisor, MERL

Rebecca Waugh, Corus International/IMA World Health

MDiv, MIA: Senior Technical Advisor, Faith-Community Engagement

Nkatha Njeru, African Christian Health Association

MS, Coordinator & CEO

Cornelia Mukandi, Africa Christian Health Association Platform

BS, Communications Lead, Policy & Advocacy Specialist

Chikari Wedze, Zimbabwe Association of Church-Related Hospitals

BSc, MSc OR & Statistics, MSc Big Data Analytics, Certificates in Data Science: Strategic Information &
Evaluation Manager

Gregory Hooke, Brigham Young University

BS candidate

Benjamin Crookston, Brigham Young University

PhD, MPH: Professor, Associate Dean of the College of Life Sciences

Joshua West, Brigham Young University

PhD, MPH: Professor, Chair of the Department of Public Health

Cougar P Hall, Brigham Young University

PhD, Professor


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Cherian, D., Manuel, F., Waugh, R., Njeru, N., Mukandi, C., Wedze, C., … Hall, C. P. (2024). Effective Localization: Case Study of a Faith-based Health Partnership in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. Christian Journal for Global Health, 11(1), 111–120. https://doi.org/10.15566/cjgh.v11i1.805

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